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Guest Calling

Griot makes it easy to video call with technicians or end customers that are not active members of your workspace, helping you get remote eyes on site in a matter of seconds.

Note: Guest calling only works with the browser application ( and does not currently work with the native iOS or Android mobile applications.  The mobile applications do support video calls between users on the web or mobile applications.

First, click on the hamburger menu (three lines in the upper left corner) to open the left menu.  In the left menu, select 'Create Meeting'.

Meeting  Guest calling (1)
Meeting  Guest calling (2)

Once in the create meeting menu, you can chose to invite users from your workspace ('Members') and non-users outside of your workspace ('Guests').

'Guests' can be invited by simply entering their mobile number (they must be able to receive a text message at this number) or their email address.

Once you have selected all the 'Members' and 'Guests' that you want in the video call, hit 'Start' at the bottom of the screen.


A couple of important notes:

- 'Guests' will not need to download the Griot mobile applications to take a call on a mobile device.

- During a guest call, 'Guests' are not able to see anything in the Members workspace. A guest call simple allows 'Members' to see what a 'Guest' sees via their camera.

Once you have hit the start button, the call will automatically reach out to Members and will send 'Guests' an email or text (depending on what you input) to invite them to the call. 

Guest calling invite
HubSpot Video

This video shows you how all this comes together.